Camp Freedom Interviews / Pictures

A compilation of Camp Freedom interviews and pictures.

Mike Johnson

We met Mike Johnson at a Veteran Luncheon in Scranton. He was looking for something to keep him busy and volunteered to help at Camp Freedom. After getting to know Mike and realizing his passion to serve other Veterans and hunters in general, we offered him a full time job at Camp Freedom. Mike is running heavy equipment to clear for fencing, trails and food plots. He is also a phenomenal guide and being a disabled vet too, bonds instantly with our guests. It great to see Mike enjoying life again.

Ben Wilkins

Ben is a retired Veteran from Clarksville, Tennessee who served in the United States Army for over 20 years.  Ben was able to shoot a great 8 point buck and a turkey on his trip to Camp Freedom. He was referred to us by one of his support team members.

Wayne Chavez

Wayne is from New Mexico, a US Army veteran wounded in Afghanistan who went through some pretty rough times. Wayne had an incredible experience at Camp Freedom and shot an 8 point buck on his three day hunt.

Harold Gilbert

Harold is a Vietnam veteran who served in the 101 First Airborne Division, 326 Engineer Battalion.  Harold had a fantastic time at Camp Freedom and was able to shoot a nice buck on his three day hunt.

Bruce Cane

Bruce served eight years in the Army with two deployments in the Middle East. Bruce had a blast at Camp Freedom spending time with other Veterans and was able to shoot a nice doe.

Sean Buchan 

Sean served twelve years in Army with deployments to the Middle East and Bosnia.  Sean shares his experience while he was at Camp Freedom. Sean, like so many of Veterans, finds healing in the outdoors and you can hear that clearly in his interview.

Justin Tranberg

Justin served nineteen years in the Wisconsin Army National Guard with two deployments in 2005-06 and 2009-10.  Justin shares his experience while he was at Camp Freedom. 

Troy Murphy

Troy shares his archery hunting experience at Camp Freedom.  Troy sustained injuries in Iraq in 2007 from an IED blast.

Why Camp Freedom?

A compilation of testimonials from guests of Camp Freedom.